Featured Speakers

Below are some of the world renowned speakers that presented at the 2021 forum.

 Was in private practice in Canada for 14 years before moving into educating fulltime. Dr. McLeod was a member the first Canadian graduating class in Animal Welfare, under Dr. David Fraser at the University of British Columbia. She is passionate about furthering understanding of the veterinary applications of animal welfare science, and recently authored several chapters on applied animal welfare, especially as it pertains to dental disease and brachycephalism. Kymberley authored the welfare section of the WSAVA International Dental Guidelines, published in the Journal of Small Animal Practice in 2020, and is an active member of the WSAVA Dental Guidelines Committee. Dr. McLeod is an avid hiker and traveler, and has lectured internationally on her special interests in animal welfare, dentistry, client communication, and furthering the human:animal bond. Kymberley is currently pursuing her board certification with the American College of Animal Welfare.