Featured Speakers

Below are some of the world renowned speakers that presented at the 2021 forum.

Elena is a Founding Member, Scientific Secretary and Event Organizer of the Romanian Society of Orofacial Surgery and Veterinary Dentistry (RSVD).

Important scientific dentistry activities:

09/2019: “Basics of Veterinary Dentistry” - 6-hours conference, Sofia, Bulgaria, invited lecturer

05/2019: Co-author of  “Pink teeth in a 10 months old Cane Corso”, 10 minutes case report presentation and  “The Importance of Clinical Examination and Intraoral Radiology in Feline Tooth Resorption” exposed poster at the 28th European Congress of Veterinary Dentistry, Utrecht, Netherlands

03/2019: “Treatment of recent crown fractures – the vital pulp therapy” presentation at the AMVAC Conference, Iasi, Romania, lecturer