Featured Speakers

Below are some of the world renowned speakers that presented at the 2021 forum.

After graduating from the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brno/1985/, Dr. Lonsky obtained his first practical experience in a State Veterinary Hospital. When the profession opened for private enterprise Dr. Lonsky set up his first practice in Podebrady and then twenty seven years ago his second clinic was opened in Prague, both have been operating up to this time. Some time ago Dr. Lonsky began to specialize in the emerging field of veterinary dentistry. He is a graduate of all levels of postgraduate programs taught at the European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies / ESAVS /, where he received training in veterinary dentistry/1994-2000/ He is a member of the European Society of Veterinary Dentistry / EVDS / and a founding member of the Czech Veterinary Dental Society / CVDS /. He regularly participates at the international veterinary dental congresses and he was a member of the local organizing committee of the highly successful World and European Veterinary Dental Congress in Prague/2013/. He regularly lectures on veterinary dentistry for veterinarians and breeders and also publishes in professional and breeder journals. In the present time is Mr Lonsky president of Czech Veterinary Dental Society.