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The city of Nantes

The word 'vibrancy' would best sum up Nantes. Nantes has always strived to move, live, create, build and evolve for the well-being of its inhabitants. Nantes excels through its ability to invent its future and implement it with great enthusiasm in an unspoilt setting.

The community as at the heart of everything the city does. In Nantes, we work together to create and to build! Community dialogue is a reality, and collaborative artistic, social and business projects are growing in number in the various districts. 

Nantes welcomes and trains over 3,700 international students. Its 200 laboratories and 2,200 researchers in health and biotechnologies are ranked among the best. The nine industrial competitiveness clusters in Nantes Métropole – aerospace, shipbuilding, energy and transport, imaging, health and biotechnologies, the maritime industry, etc. – have international reach.

Radiating beyond the city limits, the spirit of sharing and innovation can be found in the Nantes-Saint-Nazaire metropolis Lien ouvert dans une nouvelle fenêtre, with its partners in the Loire-Brittany cluster: Angers, Brest and Rennes, and through several international business, professional, academic and cultural networks to which Nantes belongs.

Nantes has made the most of economic transformation in its districts to revive them with renewed energy. As such, the Ile de Nantes, a standard-setting project to redevelop the industrial wasteland in the city centre, has seen the former shipyards be transformed into a particularly appealing cultural hub and business district.

As a pioneer in well-balanced urban development, Nantes features many natural areas and promotes environmentally-friendly modes of transport.

Nantes has become a particularly green city by redeveloping the banks of the Loire river, promoting its architectural heritage (Nantes is home to The Castle of the Dukes of Brittany Lien ouvert dans une nouvelle fenêtre), organising public transport and developing several pedestrian areas.Nantes1