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Case series of 136 prosthodontic crowns in dogs and cats (2014-2018).

Case series of 136 prosthodontic crowns in dogs and cats (2014-2018).

Sat, 18. May 2019, 10:40 h - 11:10 h
Intermediate / Advanced - Room GH - Nantes,

In cases of excessive abrasion, complicated crown fracture, uncomplicated crown fracture, enamel hypoplasia, the physiological and structural integrity of the crown tooth is compromised. In order to provide a strong protection to the affected tooth, prosthodontic crowns can be a valuable option. The teeth treated in this study were: maxillary right canine tooth (35.36%), maxillary left canine tooth (34%), mandibular right canine tooth (35.36%), mandibular left canine tooth (47.6%), maxillary right fourth premolar tooth (14.9%), maxillary left fourth premolar tooth (8.16%), mandibular right first molar tooth (6.8%) and mandibular left first molar tooth (5.44%). The aim of this study is to document the success and complications associated with a currently unpublished technique for tooth and crown preparation with follow up after the cementation of 136 metal crowns. The most recent reported failure rate for full veneer crowns in veterinary medicine is suboptimal with a reported failure rate of nearly 20% for the canine teeth in dogs. We believe that the failure rate in our study compares favourably with that published in similar human studies. (Stats not yet available but will be ready for EVDF in Utrecht).

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