Equine dental imaging

Primary Tutor

Astrid Bienert -Zeit

Secondary Tutor

Richard Reardon

A 1 day course covering all aspects of equine dental and sinus digital imaging including practical radiographic technique and interpretation, and interpretation of more advanced imaging techniques such as Computed Tomography.

The course will start with a review of equine head and dental anatomy, which will be followed by practical training in head radiography (to include dental, sinus and TMJ), collection and film reading. The morning will conclude with a session on interpretation of head radiographs and treatment planning.

The afternoon session will focus on advanced imaging techniques for the equine head, focussing on CT, but including an introduction to nuclear scintigraphy and MRI. Case selection for advanced imaging and approaches to image reading will be presented. Delegates will be given the opportunity to review and interpret CT scans from clinical cases. The afternoon will conclude with presentations of advanced imaging clinical cases. Delegates are encouraged to bring their own cases for discussion.

Key learning objectives

  •  How to take diagnostic radiographs for equine dentistry and sinus disease
  •  Interpretation of radiographic images
  •  Understanding and interpreting advanced imaging modalities of the equine head (CT and MRI)