Endodontic equipment and technique principles in equine dentistry

Primary Tutor

Torbjörn Lundström

Secondary Tutor

Nicole du Toit

This is a 1-day course covering all detailed description of different dental equipment and dental materials available including principles of use and how to best use the equipment and material for different equine dental procedures.

The course will start with a review of dental equipment/ dental units, discussing different available systems with the difference in air turbine compared with motorised units. This will include discussion on slow and fast handpieces, and different burrs available and applicable to equine endodontic/ restorative treatments. The morning will conclude with a practical session on use of the different materials.

The afternoon session will focus on an overview of dental materials available in dentistry and the materials potentially relevant to equine dentistry. The afternoon will conclude with practical sessions on using the different materials and demonstration of practical use.

Key learning objectives


  • Understanding and learning about different dental units for restorative/ endodontic treatment and how to use them effectively

  • Learning about all the available dental burs and files, and how they are applicable to equine use

  • Detailed overview of all the dental materials applicable in equine dentistry and how to use them.