Sinus anatomy, transnasal endoscopy and sinuscopy - Afternoon session only

Primary Tutor

Denis Verwilghen

Secondary Tutor

Richard Reardon

This course is intended for EVDC / ECVS residents and diplomates and advanced practitioners in equine dentistry and surgery.

Afternoon session only

  1. The course will cover a thorough review of equine sinus anatomy, the most common surgical pathologies of the sinus, the various sinoscopy and sinus flap surgical access techniqs.

    At the end of the course the participants will be expected to know / able to

    • Understand the equine sinus anatomy and apply the anatomical knowledge for diagnostic and interventional purposes

    • Understand and be able to perform the different sinoscopic access techniques to the equine sinus

    • Understand and be able to identify ventral and dorsal bulla disease and perform transnasal surgical access to the structures.

    • Understand and be able to perform surgical access to the different sinus compartments by various trephination and flap techniques.