Dr Pavlína Kociánová

Dr Pavlína Kociánová

Veterinary Surgeon

I am a veterinary doctor, 6 years after graduation from VFU Brno, with experience in both corporate and clinical practice.

After few years of practising general medicine I decided to specialise and currently I am gaining my experience in veterinary dentistry, last three years. My mentor is Dr. Zbyněk Lonský, great veterinary dentist and chairman of Czech Veterinary Dental Society (CVDS). Also I am in my second year of studying human dentistry in Palacký university, Olomouc.

My goal is to become a good and versatile dentist for both humans and animals (cat, dog). My recent goal is to try to improve oral hygiene standards in dentistry, as it seems very neglected in all species.


 Teeth cleaning: the most natural thing in the world – but for who?