Dr Richard Reardon

Dr Richard Reardon

Veterinary Surgeon

Graduated from the RVC in London in 2004,

Spent time in mixed practicebefore undertaking an equine internship in Newbury. Then spent six years atGlasgow University, undertaking a residency in equine surgery as well as aMaster’s degree and a PhD. He obtained his RCVS certificate in orthopaedicsurgery in 2009, ECVS diploma in 2010, Master’s degree in Equine surgery in2011, PhD in veterinary epidemiology in 2013 and EVDC diploma in equinedentistry in 2018. Richard Enjoys all aspects of equine surgery with particularinterests in dentistry and soft tissue surgery which he spends the majority ofhis clinical time on


Sinus anatomy, transnasal endoscopy and sinuscopy