Dr Manfred Stoll

Dr Manfred Stoll

Veterinary Surgeon

Dr. Manfred Stoll Graduated 1990 Veterinary Medicine (DVM) at University of Veterinary Medicine Giessen

1991 Michigan State University, Lab Prof. Ed. Robinson

Dec. 1991 private practice (general equine)

2001 private Equine clinic with focus on dentistry

2005-2007 Developing a new extraction procedure: (Transbuccal Screw extraction acc. to Stoll)

Dec. 2007 AAEP Convention Orlando, Presentation: “How to perform a buccal approach for different dental procedures” including the Transbuccal Screw Extraction acc. to Stoll

2010 Coauthor in the Textbook, Equine dentistry: “Vogt, Lehrbuch der Zahnheilkunde beim Pferd“

2010   Horse dental practitioner acc. IGFP (International                                 Association for improvement of the masticatory system of the horse)

            2012   Specialist Veterinarian (LTK Hessen) Equine Dentistry

            2014  Teaching facility (LTK Hessen) Equine Dentistry

            2016   Diplomate EVDC (equine)

Main Tasks:

Endodontic and restorative dental therapy,

Minimally invasive dental surgery,   


Options to treat oronasal and orosinus fistulas in horses

How does Sinusitis affect the White Blood Cell Level in Horses