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Guidelines for word documents to be included in the proceedings for EVDF 2022 in Krakow



  1. Use Arial 11pt or Times New Roman 12pt;
  2. Use 1,5 of space between lines and left alignment;
  3. Use only bold, italic or underline words;
  4. Tables should be inserted in the word document;
  5. Do not insert page break and/or page number;
  6. Do not insert header or footer text;
  7. Do not insert images or graphics in the word document (but don't forget to indicate the placewhere they should be placed, indicating correctly the file name of the image or graphic);
  8. Do not use hyphenation;
  9. Avoid to use footnotes;
  10. Please, do not forget to include your first and last name and your full corresponding affiliation.

On behalf of the scientific committee,
Henriëtte Booij-Vrieling, president EVDS