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Our program for the EVDF Study Day 2019 in Utrecht

EVDF Equine Study Day 2019

Price € 250 each session

Morning Study Day

  Primary Tutor Secondary Tutor Room  

Approach to dental cases, pathology and oroscopic examination

Paddy Dixon Nicole duToit Eq room A

The aim of this course is to show delegates a rational approach to equine clinical dental examination including  by accurate and relevent  history taking, general clinical examination  as it relates to dental disease and how to perform a thorough clinical and endoscopic examination of the equine oral cavity.

Tooth dissection techniques for dental extractions

Travis Henry Astrid Bienert-Zeit Eq room B This wetlab will cover the use of tooth dissection techniques to assist with extraction of teeth. The technique of partial coronectomy to aid oral extractions will be covered in detail. Furthermore, the case selection for complicated extractions where tooth dissection may be a less invasive/ less traumatic option for extraction of a tooth will be discussed. The techniques that can be used to assist with removing abnormal, dysplastic or enlarged teeth that require dissection, will be demonstrated.

Afternoon Study Day


Basics of equine dental rasping

Nicole duToit Richard Reardon Eq room A This wetlab will teach participants how to perform a dental rasp with power equipment to achieve routine dental equilibration. It will also demonstrate how to deal with other dental pathology such as dental overgrowths, displaced teeth, diastema etc. Practicals will involve hands on rasping of life like plastic skulls and participants will have a chance to become confident with the using power dental equipment

Dental instruments and dental materials for endodontics

 Travis Henry Lieven Vlaminck  Eq room B

This wetlab is aimed at participants who want to perform advanced dental techniques such as endodontics and restorations in equine dentistry. This wetlab will cover the range of dental instruments and dental materials that are available to use in equine dentistry. This will include discussion and demonstrations of the instruments, how to use and maintain them. An overview of dental materials and the clinical application and use of them will also be covered in detail.

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